Frequently Asked Questions


Are GUSTO Smoothie Boosters and Teas Vegan?

YES! Animals are friends not food. 

How often can I take GUSTO Smoothie Boosters or Teas?

As our products are designed to increase general nutrition, they are made of plant based ingredients and can be taken as frequently as desired. However, as everyone's bodies are different we recommend to take it slow and increase intake as your body becomes accustomed to your new healthier diet. If you have any issues please contact us at contact@gustoherbs.com

How do the GUSTO Smoothie Boosters and Teas taste?

The Slimming Teas are designed to be enjoyed with just hot water and have a beautiful aromatic, spicy and fruity flavour. Our Smoothie Boosters on the other hand are to be used as an addition to a Smoothie or Juice and are not intended to be tasted one their own - they generally have quite a neutral almost woody flavour. 

Can I take multiple GUSTO Smoothie Boosters or Teas at the same time?

Of course! All our ingredients are designed to fit in with your normal diet and that includes other GUSTO Smoothie Boosters or Slimming Teas. 

Can I take GUSTO Smoothie Boosters or Teas while pregnant or breast feeding?

While all our ingredients are plant based foods, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek medical advice before using this product.